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LED Screens specially designed in Europe

The most advanced LED screen technology available for advertising, concerts, entertainment, television, conference centres and more.

Technological innovation, research & development and quality design endows our products with an unparallelled versatility. Although LED screen technology is relatively new, it is quickly becoming a tried, tested and massively popular form of  technology.

Alfalite is a company which has recognized the potential of this market and wishes to expand it throughout Europe, basing design and manufacture on Spanish soil to maintain full control and oversight of the complete process.

“We design, distribute and export our LED screens”.

We abide by stringent testing measures and procedures to guarantee that our products perform according to their specifications and performance expectations. We aim to deliver what we promise and thus have an almost zero failure index. The same applies to our choice of components which are unquestionably of supreme standard.

“Alfalite LED screens are synonymous with reliability, quality and with genuine customer focus”

Our LED screens allow for the reproduction of various multimedia formats (text, video, images) with various inputs and outputs and cabling connections.  They are rapidly becoming a cornerstone, especially in the events and digital signage sector.

Experience high quality display benefits: benefit from a unique visual experience.

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ALFALITE is a Spanish company that specializes in the design and distribution of LED screens. ALFALITE develops and designs their LED screens and lighting for a variety of professional and industrial sectors such as: advertising marquees and billboards (digital signage), mass media and news organizations, cultural, social and industrial events (conferences, fairs, expos, museums, galleries, concerts, control rooms, film making, television sets, etc.). ALFALITE has several products designed and manufactured specifically to meet the many needs of professionals and industries, while offering outstanding versatility and flexibility to meet our customers needs. These needs can span from interior or exterior displays,  to flexible or static shapes, passing through permanent installations or rentals, and in different sizes and characteristics to fit any situation or need. We design, distribute and export our LED screens for a variety of uses.

ALFALITE is a company that is composed of professionals from the audiovisual sector with over 20 years of experience. We provide a number of exclusive designs and products which have been created and designed by our in-house engineers and perfected over time by our technicians. Our ever improving products are based on the experience acquired after a large number of installations and events. Our Installation Department is highly experienced and professional in undertaking any project or request, without regard to complexity, that is posed by our customers to offer ‘turnkey’ project delivery.

AFALITE has several location around Spain, in which we develop, research, test, exhibit, warehouse and offer post purchase services for our LED screens. We currently work with some of the largest brands and events in the Spanish sector. Our work ethic, vision and success are based on our use of high quality systems and materials, being creative as well as possessing an agile business structure, which allows us to meet the varied and demanding customer  needs.

ALFALITE designs its products with a focus on reliability, where the whole development and testing process revolves around transparency, ethical business practices and corporate responsibility to ensure that we meet our customers expectations. In the technology market, ALFALITE offers high quality and durable products that are easy to use to help maximize businesses’s efficiency and productivity. Our products offer complete solutions that are efficient and very cost effective, backed by some of the most advanced technologies and professional and knowledgeable support teams at our customers service.

ALFALITE operates several assembly and Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) manufacturing lines where the manufacturing process is completely automated. We use machines and procedures such as visual inspection tests, durability, connectivity, vibratory, shock, element proof, temperature and humidity tests, as well as calibration and white balance tests, etc. to ensure the highest quality of our products.

ALFALITE screens also incorporate a redundancy system, to help prevent any errors before they occur, helping to ensure customer satisfaction. The redundancy systems allow the seamless operation of interconnected gear in case of single point failure. Each design and production detail is covered by our investments in our team, our valuable multidisciplinary staff and modern installations.

RoHS and CE Certification

Our environmental commitment is such that we only use components that comply with CE directive 2002/95 on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS). This directive restricts the use of six dangerous chemical elements in the manufacturing of products (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium VI, PBB and PBDE.)

Our environmental commitment also extends to reducing, as much as possible, our products resources consumption which translates into lower CO2 emissions and financial costs for customers We use the most efficient components, certified power supplies with correction factors included and automatic brightness controls. All of our products are CE and RoHS certified.

ALFALITE invests in research and development of technologies which allow us to meet our

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